Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Stage Three

I read the editorial Mexican Vote Has Major Implications For Texas, where Arnold Garcia talks about the upcoming presidential election in Mexico and how it affects America. 

It's obvious what type of audience the author is targeting: anyone and everyone. His whole point throughout his article is that the Mexico and America are so closely tied on so many different levels: politically, socially, and economically, and that the outcome of this election with effect America on all of these levels. He is trying to raise awareness of this fact. 

Garcia points out that over the past three decades trade between the U.S and Mexico has grown so much that Mexico is the third largest trading partner with the U.S. and the number one trading partner with Texas, with an average 400$ dollars worth of legal commerce circulating between the two in a single year.

The biggest reason this election is important, Garcia claims, is because the next elected president of Mexico that is elected with shoulder the weight of the recovering the Mexican economy that suffered major blows in the 2009 global turndown. If the Mexican economy does not recover, it effects Texas's and the US's economy substantially. 

Garcia's claim is very valid and very real. His information about the trade between Mexico and Texas helps support his claim that this next presidential election in Mexico should be a very big deal to Americans as it will definitely effect the American economy. His editorial definitely raised my awareness of the fact that this election is actually important to us Americans as well, seeing how closely tied Texas economy is with Mexico's. 

Garcia, Arnold. "Mexican Vote Has Major Implications for Texas." Austin American-Statesman. Editorial. Published  30 June 2012. Web. Accessed 20 July 2012. 

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